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We are dedicated to providing a safe and empowering space for domestic violence survivors. Our organization is committed to helping individuals heal, regain their self-worth, and rebuild their lives after experiencing the trauma of domestic abuse. Through a range of comprehensive programs and support services, we aim to empower survivors to find their voice and reclaim their power.

Our Mission:
At The Freedom Heart Foundation's I AM STRONG ENOUGH platform, our mission is to support, empower, and advocate for domestic violence survivors. We strive to create a community where survivors can heal, grow, and thrive. Through education, counseling, and resources, we aim to break the cycle of abuse and foster a society that is free from violence.


We believe that every survivor has the right to live a life free from violence and fear. If you or someone you know is in need of support, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team. Together, we can create a world where survivors are empowered, justice is served, and love is devoid of violence.

Take the first step towards healing and empowerment by contacting The Freedom Heart Foundation today. Remember, you are not alone - we are here to listen, support, and guide you on your journey to a brighter and violence-free future.

Safe Shelter Access

We offer access and recommendations to preferred safe and confidential shelters for survivors seeking refuge from abusive situations. Our partnering organization's shelters provide secure environments where survivors can find temporary housing, emotional support, and access to essential resources.

Empowerment Workshops

Our empowerment workshops aim to equip survivors with practical skills and knowledge to regain control of their lives. From self-defense classes to financial literacy workshops, we provide survivors with the tools they need to create a secure and independent future.

Counseling & Therapy

Our experienced and compassionate therapists specialize in trauma-informed counseling for survivors of domestic violence. Through individual and group therapy sessions, we help survivors address their emotional wounds, rebuild self-esteem, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Support Groups

We believe in the power of shared experiences, and our support groups provide a nurturing environment for survivors to connect, share their stories, and provide mutual support. These groups foster a sense of camaraderie, reduce isolation, and empower survivors with a sense of belonging.

Legal Support

We understand the complexities of navigating the legal system, and our team of legal advocates is here to provide survivors with guidance and support. We offer assistance in obtaining restraining orders, navigating custody disputes, and accessing legal resources.

Advocacy & Community Outreach

The Freedom Heart Foundation is committed to raising awareness about domestic violence and advocating for social change. We actively engage in community outreach programs, partnering with local organizations, schools, and businesses to educate the public about the signs of abuse and promote healthy relationships.

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